Parking Paradise (23'25")
video Furio Ganz
music Yakamoto Kotzuga
a Foreverdata production
© 2019

        May 2020: selection and screenign at OIFF film festival
        June 2020: selection and screenign at Golden Ger international film festival 
        July 2020: selection and screening at Lago film fest
        December 2020: winner of The Next Generation film festival - Film d’artista
        September 2021: screening at Ibrida Film Festival

Parking Paradise wants to be a testimony of the relationship between man and today's environment, with the perception of his precariousness. A slow and neutral vision that shows hybrid life in human settlements: cities.
The video is the result of a journey made through the city of Berlin. The purpose of the crossing was to observe how the human being, the animals, the architectural elements, the cars, the printed graphics went to inhabit and define the space with their presence. With an almost documentary approach, I wanted to capture the random and perhaps unrepeatable associations between these subjects by creating a dialogue between two or more plans in the same frame.
I tried to film each living and non-living subject with an impartial approach in order to collocate them on the same scale of importance. The editing sessions took place in my studio in Venice and took place parallel to the realization of the sound. The music and sound was created by my friend and collaborator Yakamoto Kotzuga, who I involved in the project from the first days of shooting.