La Fabbrica Illuminata by Luigi Nono (1’40”)
video by Furio Ganz 
sound director Alvise Vidolin
costume design Giovanni Nordio, Gregorio Nordio
soprano voice With Ayumi Togo
curated by Spazio Punch (Augusto Maurandi, Saul Marcadent), Mario Lupano, Giovanni Nordio and Gregorio Nordio

Festival Luigi Nono 2018 - Giudecca, Venice (Italy)
© 2018

La Fabbrica Illuminata (Venice, Cantiere Navale Gruppo Faldis, 6 October 2017) is a reinterpretation of Luigi Nono’s work for soprano and four-channel magnetic tape, made in 1964. The staging remains faithful to musical score, joining sounds, action, space, costume, and image together.