Entangled Kingdom (1’43”)
film and editing by Furio Ganz 
© 2020

Entangled Kingdoms presents fungi spores collected from the two rooms of the Arsenale cultivated in the mycology department at University of Athens. The installation was part of the central exhibition “As Emerging Communities” at the 17th Biennale Architettura, Arsenale.

doxiadis+ - Landscape Architects
Architect: Marina Antsakli
Principal:Thomas Doxiadis
Architect, Landscape Architect: Despoina Gkirti
Architect, Landscape Architect: Dionysia Liveri
Architect, Landscape Architect: Angeliki Mathioudaki
Architect, Landscape Architect: Ioanna Potiriadi
Architect: Alexandra Souvatzi

Mycologist, Scientific Collaborator: Zacharoula Gonou-Zagou
Installation Interpretation Consultant: Julia Pitts
Lighting Designer: Alkestie Skarlatou
Sound Design, Composer, mixing: Peter Aslanidis
Sound, mixing: Kostas Linoxylakis
Sound, assistance, sourcing: Lars Ohlendorf
Structural Engineer: Helliniki Meletitiki
Photographer: Cathy Cunliffe
Mycologist, Mushroom Supplier: Lefteris Laxouvaris Designer, Manufacturer: Manos Vordonarakis